Its very simple with Just select your product. The go Add to Cart Button. Select your desire quantity left side of Add To Cart Button. Then Click on Check Out Button. Fill up the form for your delivery location, Then select your payment method, Check in our agreement for terms and condition then click Place Order Button.

When you confirm your payment successfully you have got an email with invoice. chieftradersltd. booking your parcel through courier service. Then you will get the information about our shipping. we are monitoring all of shipping status.

When we will get the actual delivery confirmation we send a notification to you.

If you are a registered customer you can track your order status and the whole processing. from your user dashboard.

We accept 2D and 3D payment system. Our payment gateway is 100% secure. We ensure 2D, 3D payment gateways  that risks are reduced for both our customers . Therefore, making the payment process swift and secure.

We also use SSL connection for our security.